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Jemma Leversha

Jemma Leversha - Hairdresser Cairns
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My name’s Jemma, I’m from Cairns and started a school based apprenticeship at Reds hair and spa.

After finishing my apprenticeship I moved to Melbourne to be with my now Husband Tim and further my hairdressing skills and lived there for 10 years.

In this time I got to work at numerous Sydney and Melbourne Fashion weeks and editorial shoots.

We decided to move back up to Cairns to start a family and further our careers.

I really enjoy doing colours that are lived in and look amazing as they grow out.

When I was in Melbourne I got to perfect the art of Men’s and short haircuts when I was working with Steven at Herrblick.

Bec hand over of Allure Hair Boutique to Jemma Leversha

For me the most important thing in hairdressing is to understand you and your style and for us to work together to achieve a look that you feel confident in.

I will show you techniques for you to be able to recreate the look that you get in the salon so you have great hair everyday.

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Integrity of your hair is prioritised and I will offer you advice on what products will support you at home.

After having my son Henry I decided to open up a beautiful intimate Salon at the back of 'I do Flowers'. As this grew I realised I needed a bigger space and Allure popped up for sale and I met the beautiful Bec and Jess.

It has been an absolute pleasure being welcomed into this amazing salon.

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